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We welcome your company to experience one of Norway’s most beautiful manors!

At Hafslund Manor & Conference Center, you will find one of the country’s most beautiful late Baroque buildings dating back to 1762. In addition, we have a modern conference center from 2007 with a large hall for 150 guests, as well as various meeting and group rooms. There are three dining options at the manor and 55 guest rooms/102 beds.

Unique surroundings

The traditional and beautiful Hafslund Manor is today a protected cultural heritage site. Since the 15th century, the manor has been a focal point for art and culture, representing a bygone era in Norwegian history. The main building dates to 1762 and still stands today as a magnificent example of Norway’s manor homes.

There has been a permanent settlement at Hafslund for over 5000 years. In the park, there are rock carvings that are 3000 years old. Easy-to-farm, south-facing moraine soil, as well as fishing and hunting in the river and forest, provided the basis for early settlement. The farm name is first mentioned in a letter from 1344. The first element of the name is the male name Hafr.

Modern conference facilities

In 2007, one of the farm buildings was renovated into a modern conference center. The center features an airy conference hall with high ceilings and a capacity of up to 150 participants, a separate meeting room, several group rooms, and a spacious mezzanine above the hall. All indoor facilities at the conference center can be reserved for the entire event.

Food and drink

Our skilled and experienced team of chefs take pride in serving a delicious meal, whether it’s an informal lunch or a grand dinner. The passion for great flavours is central to our cuisine, together with high-quality, local, and seasonal ingredients.

Hafslund, Norge

Majestic accommodation

Modern facilities at the Conference center

In 2007, the red-painted barn was converted into a modern conference center which also houses the Eastern and Western Pavilions. The pavilions were saved from the fire in 1758 and are thus the oldest buildings on the estate. Here we offer 68 beds distributed among 32 double rooms and 4 single rooms.

The 14 guest rooms in the pavilions are decorated in a classic and historically appropriate style for the buildings, while the 23 guest rooms connected to the conference section have a modern and sleek expression. The bedrooms with their various layouts are all near the conference facilities.

Aristocratic Grandeur in the Main House

For certain events, we also offer accommodation in the stately and traditional main house. The manor house is one of Norway’s best-preserved and unique country estates. The estate was rebuilt after the former baroque building burned down and was completed in 1762.

Spread over two large wings with 15 double rooms and 3 single rooms, there are 33 beds here. All rooms are beautifully and originally decorated with an emphasis on comfort and individual experiences. One wing was furnished by the architect Arnstein Arneberg in the 1930s and is distinctive and beautifully maintained.



Great experiences

For businesses in Viken County, Oslo, Eastern Norway, Vestfold, and the rest of the country, we offer one of Norway’s most beautiful manors as a stunning backdrop for courses, conferences, gatherings, celebrations, and other large events. We welcome guests to the conference center, the original barn that has been completely renovated and has all the amenities in a modern yet historic setting. The main house is open for events and tours related to events, and the park is open to the public throughout the year.

Hafslund Manor & Conference Center creates memorable meetings and great experiences. This place is a historic gem. With character, quality, and high service levels, we ensure that every guest feels unique.



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Please note that we only cater to the corporate market with pre-booked events such as seminars, conferences, meetings, and events for companies, businesses, and organizations.

Unfortunately, we do not accept bookings from the private market, such as weddings, confirmations, baptisms, and accommodation etc.

We are often busy and on the move around the estate, and therefore, we may not always be available to answer the phone. Please feel free to send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


E-mail: konferansesenter@hafslund.no 

Tlf: 900 33 484


Statsminister Torps vei 2,
1722 Sarpsborg. See map. (Entrance by Hafslund church)

Good parking facilities – including electric car charging stations.

Public transportation It is easy to get here by public transportation. Nettbuss/TIMEkspressen Line 3 has routes passing by Hafslund Hovedgård.